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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Practising Driving With Your Parents(Private Practise)

Over the years I have been providing driving lessons in Gloucester and fewer and fewer people tend to private practise.Learning to drive with family or friends can save you money and help you get to test standard quicker, but we recommend you always use a qualified Approved Driving Instructor and just practice with family or friends. You should also ask your A.D.I. when he or she thinks it is time that private practice with family or friends would be of benefit.
If you are teaching someone to drive you will need to have L-Plates clearly displayed, appropriate insurance for the learner driver and you must have held your licence for a minimum of 3 years and be at least 21 years old. It's also recommended that you have a rear view mirror fitted when you are supervising a learner. Taking them out to early can knock their confidence if they are out of there depth and don’t let them develop bad habits. If you are going out for the first time then you don’t really have a clue what their driving is like until you have seen it. Always drive them to a quiet place ideally a quiet industrial estate on a Sunday morning. Do this even if they have had loads of driving lessons as they will need to get used to the car and they may feel a bit nervous as they would have got very used to driving with their ADI. Learner drivers react slowly so give them plenty of time to do things. If things do go wrong and they do something a bit dangerous then this can be frightening and stressful but it is important not to show any stress or fear or they will get very stressed which you don’t want when they are behind the wheel. Where possible pull over and discuss what happened. Try not to just tell them off ,try to have a constructive discussion about it trying to create a win win situation. Make sure the vehicle is roadworthy and legal and definitely insured it’s a good idea for the accompanying driver to be insured as well as you may need to drive the vehicle sometimes as well.

Note: Remember Learner drivers are not allowed on Motorways!

Tips for accompanying learner drivers:

Don't relax too much!
Be ready for absolutely anything, as a driver you should know that potential hazards/dangers can arise very fast and from anywhere. The learner might not spot the the hazard/danger at all so be ready!!

Don't have too high expectations!
Always find a level from the learner and build up from that. Always be prepared for the learner to slip back from that level, if this happens this is the new level to build up from.

Keep descriptive and consistent with directions/terms!
It's no good saying gas one minute then accelerator the next, or just gears if you mean change up to 4th. Try to be as descriptive as possible when giving instruction. Also try and give the learner a lot more notice before the action is required.

Choose appropriate routes carefully!
Try not to take the learner into difficult situations until they're ready. It will really knock their confidence if this happens. If this situation is unavoidable help the learner out as much as required. But try to roughly plan routes before you set off, taking into account the time of day and traffic conditions.

Stop and discuss!
If the learner makes a pretty serious mistake, pull up and talk about what happened. Use the system, WHAT, WHY and HOW. WHAT the fault was, WHY it was a fault (give example of what could have happened) and HOW to do it the right way. Then go and practice the same situation again giving instruction.

The Approved Driving Instructor is "always" right!!
Well usually! If the learner is doing something what you think is incorrect and he or she says "That's the way my instructor tells me to do it" it's usually correct but bearing in mind that the learner may be telling a porky. So it's worthwhile having a chat with the instructor, any decent instructor will be willing to help you out with any questions that you might have!

Keep a calm environment!
Even if you're not. Learners will learn a lot more and be able to concentrate better! Driving while you're stressed is hazardous to your health!
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