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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Learning To drive

I am an independent local driving Instructor in Gloucester that offers Good Value and well structured Driving Lessons. When you are taking your driving lessons it is important that you are learning how to drive and not just how to scrape through the driving test. The reason for this is so that you are not a danger to your self and the public after you have passed your driving test. There is not to much point in test route bashing (this constantly driving round and round the test routes).You will be a much better driver if you spend more time driving around more unfamiliar roads so that you learn how to read the road ahead and learn how to identify hazards ahead by using the road traffic signs and scanning ahead for clues to potential hazards.

Good anticipation and forward planning is the key to success of good safe driving remembering that the car is moving along at speed and you need to see the hazards before you get to them. At 30 MPH the car takes 6 to 7 car lengths to stop this is in an emergency stop so therefore the car will take about 10 car lengths or so to stop safely
Many experienced drivers struggle with this concept and it is the weakness of most drivers. Drivers tend to see the hazards but do not act sensibly on what they see. For example if they are approaching a junction where a car is waiting to emerge they should slow down by easing off of the accelerator so that should car not see them it might pull out and if it does then the driver will be ready to stop if they need to.

So anyone learning to drive needs to be taught how to drive safely and legally in various traffic conditions without causing any other member of the public to take any kind of abrasive action. This includes all road users pedestrians, cyclists, Motorcycles, and heavy vehicles. If you can drive like this you will pass the driving test so they key is to focus on the safe driving and then the driving test will take care of itself. There are many myths about the driving such as you will fail if you touch the kerb and you will fail if you cross your hands, get all of this useless information out of your head as this is just not true, just focus on driving safely and legally. If you are not safe and if you break the law when driving then yes you would fail the driving test.

If you end up with a driving instructor who is constantly test route bashing and constantly telling you “Don’t do that again or you will fail the test” then this is a bad sign and may want to consider finding another driving that teaches you drive and not teaching you how to pass the test. If you are being taught like this then you will probably have an accident/collision shortly after passing your driving test. Find a driving instructor that teaches you to drive.

After you have passed you driving test take some additional driver training pass plus is a good start and then after that consider some advanced driver training such as ROSPA(The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) or IAM(Institute of Advanced Motorists).
Always remember this :-
There is no such thing as a perfect driver and all drivers can be better and therefore never stop learning, Driving on the public highway is not competitive.
I have been driving for more that 20 years and I am a qualified driving instructor with many driving qualifications such as fleet trainer, advanced ROSPA driver and driving instructor trainer. I am still learning to drive as well and I am not the best driver in the world but I can always get better.
Good luck with your driving career and May I wish you safe driving for life.

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