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Jakes Driving School Blog

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cheap Car Insurance for Safe Young Drivers

Anyone who has just passed their driving test or who is an inexperienced driver who is paying high premiums and is a safe driver should consider going with co-operative insurance when comparing car insurance with the smart box installed.
Co-operative Insurance seem to have the solution to keep young newly qualified drivers insurance premiums low and to motivate them to drive safely which keep them safe and alive. Quite literally. The safer you're driving, the lower your premium. It’s important to remember that unsafe driving can drive your premium up too. But with the online dashboard you’ll be able to easily stay up-to-date with how you or any other insured drivers are driving and how that’s affecting how much premium you’ll pay. This is because they install a device in the car called Smart box which is a small box that uses GPS this device is not visible it is tucked away and it doesn’t affect the performance of the vehicle nor does it affect the warranty of the vehicle. Smart box records, stores and sends data about different aspects of your driving the data is collected and sends it to your online dashboard so that you can also monitor your own driving. The better you drive the cheaper you insurance will be a newly qualified young driver can save as much as £600 if they drive safely and legally all of the time.

Speed, Cornering, Time, Acceleration & Braking

It’s these elements that can contribute to whether you are a safer driver. Driving above the speed limit, taking corners too fast, braking or accelerating too hard and driving at night have been found to contribute to the most serious of road accidents, especially in young drivers. These four Safe Driving Parameters are used calculate a safe driving score which is displayed on your dashboard.
So that’s the key information that matters. What happens then? Well, it’s sent to us and we use it to calculate a score that you can monitor via your online dashboard. In fact, it’s updated daily and you can check it any time you like. You may well get into the habit of checking your score and trying to beat your previous efforts.
Speed and taking corners at speed
Speed is one of the biggest factors in road crashes that kill because the faster you drive, the less time you have to react, and the harder you’ll hit if you crash. In 2009 in the UK, 3,979 people were killed or seriously injured in crashes where speed was a factor; 663 of these were deaths.
Source: www.think.direct.gov.uk

Acceleration and braking
In some circumstances people may need to brake sharply or increase their speed to get out of a dangerous situation. However if this happens too often it suggests that the driving style is not as safe as it could be. In order to improve your scores, consider the following:

  • Do you get into the right lane in sufficient time before a turn-off or roundabout?
  • Do you drive too close to the car in front of you?
  • Do you drive at a speed suitable for the characteristics of the road so that you can deal with unexpected hazards, such as blind bends, vehicles coming out of junctions, animals on the road etc?
It is things like this that should result in smoother driving without having to brake or accelerate sharply.
Time of day
Driving between 11pm at night and 6am in the morning is one of the most dangerous times, despite there being much less traffic. That’s why premiums will be higher for drivers who do a lot of late night driving.

In order to understand why we are so passionate about Young Driver Insurance, we would like you to check out the 2Young2Die website which has been developed by Brake – a leading road safety charity. The information on this website puts across the reasons why we believe measuring speed and the other parameters as part of assessing risk is so important.
These aren’t the only reasons for poor driving and accidents - talking on your phone, eating, drink/drug driving all contribute and we support Brake in getting all these vital messages across with their 2Young2die campaign


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